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After you join and log in, you’ll find the following features on your “My Account” page:
My Lessons: All ChineseTones lessons are listed here, and they can be viewed by types, levels and topics. You can provide personalized labels
My Comments: Your personal comments on lessons and visitors’ replies to your comments are listed here.
My Words: Any word in the “Words” part of each lesson can be added to “My Words”, allowing you to build your own personal dictionary for later study.
My Schedule: For users who subscribe to 1-on-1 Instant Tutoring service: You can schedule new sessions of our live tutoring service any time and access recordings of your previous live tutoring sessions here.
My Profile: You can edit your profile for other users to view, including your image, Chinese level and personal details.
My Subscription: Your subscription details are listed here.

To take advantage of your “My Account”, please Sign In.


Chinese characters writing practice is available in “Resources”:

  • Navigate to “Resources” page, click on the “Chinese Characters” tab.
  • Click on the “Common Characters” tab.
  • Search the characters you want to learn by Pinyin, Stroke Count, or display Characters with similar forms, and select a character from the lists.
  • Scroll down to the bottom, in the Writing Flash section are two boxes. The left one is the flash, the right one is for practice.
  • Play the writing flash on the left, and then practice writing with the brush on the right frame. The "clear” button at the lower right corner can clear what you write.


Lesson review downloads include:

  • Movie MP4 (with Pinyin, Chinese and English subtitles)
  • Dialogue MP3 (native speaker recording with subtitles)
  • Words+Speak MP3 (native speaker recording with subtitles)
  • Lesson Transcript PDF (Simplified & Traditional)

About how to download lessen reviews:
  • Enter the specific lesson page, click on the “Movie” tab.
  • Lesson review downloads are listed on the right side column.
  • Right-click on the desired files and then click on “Save Target As” (If you are a Firefox user, click on “Save Link As”) and choose the location on your computer in which you'd like to save your file.


  • To insert a picture, click on the image icon labeled “Insert/edit image”, enter the required information.
  • To insert a video, click on the video icon labeled “Insert/edit embedded media” and enter the required information.
  • To link to another page, highlight the relevant word or phrase. Click on the chain link icon, labeled “Insert / edit link”.


Every lesson has a “Words” section, where any word can be added to “My Words” allowing you to build your own personal dictionary for later study. You’ll find labels in front of each word:

  • Click on label to add this word to "My Words".
  • The label means this word has been added to "My Words".


To stay updated, subscribe to our lesson notification emails. Every time a lesson is added, you will receive an email with a link to the lesson and its review downloads.
By default, your account is configured to receive notifications for all lesson updates, but you can unsubscribe at any time.


Enter “My Lessons” at the top navigation bar after your login.
You can then view lessons by selecting Levels and Topics, Situations, Functions, and Tags suitable for you or you are interested.


Here is some advice from us on how to determine your ChineseTones academic level:

  • Take the ChineseTones Level Test to get an idea of what ChineseTones lesson level suitable for you.
  • If you still have problem determining your level, please click on Live Chat to make a 10-minute consultation with our teachers and get a personalized assessment and learning plan.

    Mastering the tones is the key to speaking Mandarin Chinese successfully. You can find an introduction to the tones in our “Resources” section:

    • Resources->Pinyin->Tones
    • Read Brief Introduction to Chinese Tones to know the meaning, classification and difference of the tones.
    • Follow the sample lesson to get an understanding of the tiny difference of the tones, and practice until you master it.
    • There is a feature at the “Words” section of every lesson.


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