An innovative online Mandarin learning program, including Movie Lessons, Live one-on-one tutoring and downloadable Mobile Learning tools for practice and assistance at home and on the go.

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What’s ChineseTones?

ChineseTones is an innovative, interactive website for learning Mandarin Chinese. The goal of ChineseTones is to immerse Chinese learners into the real-life situations and explore colorful Chinese culture via online Chinese Movie Lessons, Live one-on-one Tutoring and Mobile Learning tools.

ChineseTones Concept

Learning a new language means understanding and appreciating another culture. With ChineseTones’ unique ‘situational’ language learning program, users learn useful words, phrases and expressions commonly used by Chinese speakers. Each lesson focuses on a different topic, and contains a short film, audio dialogue, additional practical words and helpful phrases, as well as practice tests and exercises. Users can also expand their Chinese by using our one-to-one online tutoring service and work on the go using our mobile learning tools.

The learning films at Chinese tones includes clips from authentic movies, TV shows, original videos, educational videos, news clips, TV commercials and other real-life multi-dimensional "video". These cover fun and relevant topics, using authentic language. They accurately portray Chinese culture and are easy to understand, imitate and practice for overseas students.

ChineseTones Products

ChineseTones offers innovative and effective products to meet different learners’ personal learning styles and objectives, including:

  ChineseTones Online Movie Lessons
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ChineseTones 1-on-1 Instant Tutoring
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ChineseTones For Mobile Applications
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News & Updates

For updates on the latest happenings at ChineseTones, please follow the ChineseTones Blog.


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