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If you are a newbie learner with no prior knowledge of Chinese mandarin and Chinese characters:

Step 1: Read For Newbie Learners.
Step 2: Browse Pinyin and Chinese Characters at Resources to get an idea of what Chinese mandarin and Chinese characters are.
Step 3: Experience our Demo Lessons, which could be easy to catch now.


If you want to learn Chinese mandarin and Chinese characters with ChineseTones:

How It Works presents how to master Chinese with ChineseTones.
Demo Lessons gives you a quick glimpse how ChineseTones works, available to everyone.
Sign Up at ChineseTones to enjoy more features.
Level Test will help you get an idea of what ChineseTones level suitable for you.
7-Day Free Trial Lessons are available after registration, so are the most of Movies (including MP4 download).
After Subscription, you can follow the standard speech of Audio recordings of the native Chinese radio anchors to learn standard mandarin.
1-on-1 Instant Tutoring is the superb supplement to ChineseTones Movie lessons.
Mobile Learning tools ensure you to learn Chinese whenever and wherever you want.
Subscribe to RSS feed to automatically receive ChineseTones lesson updates.
Any question in process of learning, you can leave comments after each lesson or join discussion at our Forum.

Most features are available at ChineseTones Homepage.


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