An innovative online Mandarin learning program, including Movie Lessons, Live one-on-one tutoring and downloadable Mobile Learning tools for practice and assistance at home and on the go.

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Mollie U.S.A
I think the use of things like commercials is a wonderful way to learn Chinese. Many of the things said in commercials are useful in an everyday context. Also, the videos which you all made are just as useful as the clips from the movies. I like the videos, as they are natural and authentic.


Chris J. U.S.A
As an ABC and native English speaker, I think ChineseTone is really the BEST Mandarin Chinese learning website! Anything you want can be found here: video podcasts, live tutors, rich culture tips, free resources, etc.


Shirley Edwards Canada
I am amazed at the lessons here, interactive, useful, attractive and fun!


Gray F. Australia
Thanks to the interactive and interesting lessons, I have improved a lot. I also need to thank the online teachers at for their patience.


John U.S.A
The reason I like your service is that I can have different choices. I can learn mandarin at home, in my office, on the plane-wherever I want. Really convenient!


Tony Gary Canada
It’s really a creative way to learn Chinese. The downloads for my iPhone let me review what I learned anytime and anywhere.


Annie U.S.A
I was extremely impressed by your excellent product and service. Your service team is always available to solve my problems. Thank you so much!


Richard U.S.A
What ChineseTones offers is a professional and customer focused learning experience. I think you are doing a great job.


John G. Australia
I would recommend to anyone who wants to learn Chinese.


George New Zealand
I was a total beginner, but now I can greet my Chinese employees in Mandarin after only one and a half weeks with ChineseTones.


Michael England
I enjoy every class here, it’s been really helpful. The teachers are very patient and know what I need.


Antoine France
I heard about this website from one of my friends. We both like the video learning idea, I would recommend it to anyone who wants to improve their Chinese.


Jackie U.S.A
I am interested in Chinese because I am a huge fan of Chinese Kung fu movies. Learning Chinese from hot movie clips is a great idea!

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