An innovative online Mandarin learning program, including Movie Lessons, Live one-on-one tutoring and downloadable Mobile Learning tools for practice and assistance at home and on the go.

Key Features of ChineseTones Lessons

1.   All "Movie" lessons based on real-life multi-dimensional scenes can be played repeatedly as you like. The movie window can be opened separately or full screen. Three personalized options for subtitle displays: Pinyin, Chinese, English. And each movie lesson is bookmarked for any search purposes with a specific level, topic, title, function, situation, tag and description.

2.   Follow-up practice based on the Movie dialogue can be played repeatedly as you like, and it can help you have a better understanding of the dialogue.

3.  Audio recordings of the Movie dialogue by the native Chinese radio announcers are available with normal speed and slow speed (in Level 1), and the texts are presented in Pinyin and English translation with “show” or "hide" alternative options. The slow speed pronounces more clearly as standard Chinese.

4.  We list all the key words and supplementary words and expression in the “Words” part with Pinyin, English translation and audio files too. Any word can be added to “My Words” for your later personalized review.

5.  The “Speak” part for KEY sentences demonstrates how each key structure can be used in the daily communications. We help you understand the usage from the typical examples rather than teach you the dull grammar structure.

6.  Multi-form interactive exercises as “multiple choices” and “matching quiz” make your challenges very interesting, and you can check how you have achieved when each exercise is done.

7.  Functions of Comment, Bookmark, Make It Studied, Sharing.

8.  Multiple Downloads: Movie MP4 for a variety of mobile devices, Dialogue MP3 with subtitles, Words+Speak MP3 with subtitles, Lesson Transcript PDF (Simplified and Traditional).

9.  The learning system can automatically recommend similar lessons which you may interest.

10.  One-on-one instant tutoring service from our professional native teachers may help you learn Chinese effectively and efficiently on the learning platform with live-class video interactivity.

11.   You can speak Chinese language with more confidence if you know more about the cultural background. Therefore, each Movie lesson is accompanied with specific topics of the Chinese Culture.

12.   You can browse and choose any lesson that you are interested by levels, topics, functions, situations, tags and other options.

13.  Subscribe to RSS: My Lessons, Lesson Comments, Demo Lessons and Free Trial Lessons.

14.   Access to manage your lessons and learning progress.

15.  We offer special guidance for beginners, including Pinyin, Chinese characters, and other basic knowledge.

16.  All the movie lessons and special learning tools are available for iPhone and other mobile devices.

17.  Everyday updates for the Movie Lessons make the language learning root in real life. You may find more hot topics for Chinese learning in our Movie Lessons too.

18.  More features…

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