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U-learning is a novel learning method of rich learning concept and instructive significance. It is expected to be an important way to realize the life-long learning society through constructing and promoting the u-learning circumstance. Under the viewpoint of post modernism, the goal which education should achieve is not to find the best way but to seek different methods to reach different objectives. Post-modern distance education is well embodied in u-earning; therefore u-learning can be called “post-modern distance education”. program is a brand new distance education platform for teaching Chinese as a foreign language(TCFL) guided by the concept of Seven A, that is, anyone anywhere at any time can use any device accessible to get any contents and any learning support needed in any way, which is based on advanced teaching method of TCFL: based on of real-life situational video clips; aiming at improving the ability to listen, speak and communicate in real life communication; combining online lessons, software, mobile learning tools and 1-on-1 live tutoring together. program contains online Movie Lessons (online courses), Instant Tutoring (one on one live tutoring), Mobile Application products (applications based on IOS, Android and WindowsPhone, etc.) and other software products in CD-ROM Version. program which is characterized by selecting authentic learning materials from real life situational video clips is well consistent to the connotations and characteristics of u-learning concept: permanency, accessibility, immediacy, interactivity, situating of instructional activities, adaptability, contextualization, authenticity, naturalness, sociality, integrality. It has become the most competitive distance education platform on CTFL.

We can briefly demonstrate the learning process at (take Level one for example):

If you want to start from other levels, take a simple Level Test:

First, watch a real-life situational movie clip:

This movie has exquisite pictures, distinctive Chinese culture, simple but practical dialogues, and settings corresponding to characteristics of Chinese Teaching. Meanwhile, the movie can be played unlimitedly, with flexible options for subtitle displays: Pinyin, Chinese Characters and English, either separately or combined. Moreover, there are lesson description, source (the address to download the complete video) and options on levels:

What follows is a small quiz related to the movie:

This is to practice listening and speaking ability. If you choose the wrong answer, the quiz will be replayed automatically.

You may think the mandarin in the movie is not so standard, then you can listen and simulate from the standard dialogue audio recorded by native Chinese announcers.

For lessons in level one, the audio includes both regular and slow speeds, to help improve listening comprehension. And there is a section to practice the key words in the movie:

What should be emphasized is ChineseTones’ innovation on teaching Chinese tones. Tones are the big problems for foreign students. It’s hard to find a way to teach students tones visually and the staff in the textbook is still which is not so helpful for students to know well the length of a syllable. However, ChineseTones finds a perfect way to solve this problem.

At first, you can find a simple introduction at
2. Tones practice
Mastering the tones is the key to speaking Mandarin as well as a difficulty for learners.
ChineseTones offers you an effective way to master Chinese tones. Please look through the lessons specially designed for learning tones.

And then, you will see a flash demo, you can play and replay it:


This is only an introduction. There is practice like above in every lesson at For example:

You can click to play the tones flash for every word.

The key point to learn Chinese is to master lots of similar sentences via practicing some important sentence structures:

Exercises of each lesson are very important. There are more than 10 types of exercises at, which is mainly to assess learners’ listening and speaking ability, and as well the knowledge of Chinese Pinyin and characters, in which matching quiz is very practical, and suitable for newbie learners (have no idea of Pinyin and characters).

The way to teach Chinese culture is also commendable at, where there are Chinese culture-related articles next to each lesson:

Students can share questions or learning experience by posting in the text comments area:

And share the lesson via the third-party network tools:

There are lesson review downloads for each lesson, including Movie MP4, Dialogue MP3, Words & Speak MP3, Lesson Transcript of Simplified and Traditional version:

Some small learning tools will facilitate your study at

Lots of convenient tools are waiting for your attention.

You can find lessons you like easily. Lessons are classified in different ways:

And you can use “Search” button:

You can get the latest updates on lessons and comments via RSS subscription:

There are lots of free resources at Forum and Blog:

Online Instant Tutoring is conducted via Skype after reservation:

Applications based on iOS, Android, WindowPhone are downloadable at any time:

At Resources, you can find rich resources about Pinyin, Chinese Characters, Chinese Phrases and Chinese Culture.

You can get help quickly and easily at via User Guide, FAQs, Feedback, Live Chat, etc.

And you only need to sign up at ChineseTones, then you can get access to the features mentioned above and enjoy the 7-day free trial.

After login, you will manage your “My Account”:

Before signing in, you can use the demo lessons, open to everyone:

If you think ChineseTones products good, you can pay with PayPal and credit card, which is safe and easy. And there is 15-day money back guarantee.

By the way, you can find a detailed guide to ChineseTones - SiteMap:

If there is something wrong when you open a webpage, there will be a “404” error note:

A group of pictures will bring you to the fabulous world of has been widely received since it’s launched. The lessons have been greatly enriched up to now. There is about 10 lessons updates at ChineseTones every week. is launched on the basis of the long-term research of well-known international education, culture and publication organizations like Wuhan University WTO Studies School and Wuhan University Press.

We hope could provide quality services for Chinese learners and useful resources for Chinese teachers.

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