An innovative online Mandarin learning program, including Movie Lessons, Live one-on-one tutoring and downloadable Mobile Learning tools for practice and assistance at home and on the go.

Watch and learn!

At ChineseTones, we know that you learn best when you enjoy what you study. Our movie lessons each come from real Chinese films and television, with natural human interaction, popular expressions and a regular rate of speech. We believe these are the best learning materials for overseas Chinese learners to begin to understand and enjoy real Chinese native speakers as well as unique Chinese culture.

Movies can be selected to suit your needs, including by level, topic, situation, tag, title and lesson description. This helps you quickly find the programs and topics that you want to learn about. Each movie can be played unlimitedly, with flexible options for subtitle displays: Pinyin, Chinese Characters and English, either separately or combined.

These movies are the core of the independent learning program at ChineseTones. Built around the movies are a series of dialogues, word lists, practice quizzes and exercises to ensure you get the most out of your time spent on ChineseTones. Continue reading to learn more about our practice tools.


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