An innovative online Mandarin learning program, including Movie Lessons, Live one-on-one tutoring and downloadable Mobile Learning tools for practice and assistance at home and on the go.

Create your own space

ChineseTones realizes that every individual learner has different needs. While our website has something for everyone, we also want to make sure your Chinese learning environment feels like your own private study are. ChineseTones has therefore created the opportunity for you to have your own unique space on our website.

In your space, you will be able to create your own personalized learners dictionary, by selecting and saving words of your choice as you complete individual lessons. You will also be able to track the lessons you have completed, see what comments you have left after each lesson if you have any questions (and check to see if they have been answered). You can also view you own learning schedule, created with your one-to-one tutor, if you use this service, as well as view your subscription details and create your own user profile.

ChineseTones aims to make you feel like you have your own online private classroom, where all your Chinese learning needs can be met. But don’t forget, there is also a whole world out there!


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