Modern technology industrial Base for the International Promotion of Chinese Language welcomes the first crop long- term students in 2012

Today is the traditional lucky day of “February 2, Lung rise”. At 8:30, a crop of students from the partner schools arrived Modern technology industrial Base for the International Promotion of Chinese Language on time to begin their new term.

They are received by Deputy Director Yu Donmei warmly. After the short introduction, they are beginning their Chinese level test.

(they are introducing themself)

Our base will use “Putonghua” and “Chinese” to teach them. At the same time, we will use which is based on real life situational video clips and RayzoneTM学伴TM Chinese Characters Writing Learning (Handwriting Input) System (Chinese.English, French, German,Japanese, Korean Version) to provide u-learning. It coveres lots kinds of computers and mobile learning applications, such as Web Browser with multi platform,  iPad/iPhone/Android/Wphone、MP3/4.

Especially for, it has great breakthrough in Situational-immersed scenes learning, multimode verbal learning, Chinese language tone learning and other interest-driven learning, and it could improve your Chinese Level rapidly.

(welcom our new students,:)    )

In folklore, the February 2 is the dragon rise (Dragon is a charger of rain). After that, it will rain increasingly. So, this day is called “Chunlong Festival”. There is an old saying of “February, the rise of the dragon; large warehouse full, Ogura flow” in northern China.

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2011年5月13-16日(星期五 – 星期一),由文化部、商务部、国家广电总局、国家新闻出版总署、中国贸促会、广东省人民政府和深圳市人民政府主办的第七届中国(深圳)国际文化产业博览交易会(以下简称“文博会”)在深圳会展中心胜利开幕。
第七届文博会主会场展览面积为10.8万平方米,与上届相比增加了3000平方米,分会场数量也增至40家。本届文博会还首次采用B2B门户网站、线上线下展览联动等先进会展营销模式,传递文博会信息。中文通)作为武汉大学出版社唯一重点推荐项目,随湖北省新闻出版(版权)局隆重推出。中文通)项目,是在7A【任何人(Anyone)在任何地方(Anywhere)、任何时间(Anytime)利用随手可得的学习设备(Any device)以自己的方式( in Anyway)获取自己所需学习信息(Any contents)与学习支持(Any learning support)】泛在学习理念指导下,基于先进科学的对外汉语教学法,引用现实生活场景影视对话视频片段为素材,以提高学生视听说汉语普通话交流能力为核心、网络在线自主学习+软件学习+移动学习+教师个别远程辅导4结合模式的全新的对外汉语推广与教学研究交流平台。




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为了践行此种理念,Lesson Description 将不再直接介绍视频片段内容,而是介绍本课所要阐释的内容。

Posted in Uncategorized | Leave a comment中文通)简介中文通)项目,是在7A【任何人(Anyone)在任何地方(Anywhere)、任何时间(Anytime)利用随手可得的学习设备(Any device)以自己的方式( in Anyway)获取自己所需学习信息(Any contents)与学习支持(Any learning support)】泛在学习理念指导下,基于先进科学的对外汉语教学法,以现实生活场景影视对话视频片段为素材、以提高学生视听说汉语普通话交流能力为核心、网络在线自主学习+软件学习+移动学习+教师个别远程辅导4结合模式的全新的对外汉语推广与教学研究交流平台。 program is a brand new teaching and researching platform for teaching Chinese as a foreign language(TCFL) guided by the concept of Seven A, that is, anyone anywhere at any time can use any device accessible to get any contents and any learning support needed in any way, which is based on advanced teaching method of TCFL: based on real-life situational video clips; aiming at improving the ability to listen, speak and communicate in real life communication; combining online lessons, software, mobile learning tools and 1-on-1 live tutoring together.

Diverse learning models available at ChineseTones:

基于网页浏览器(比如PC个人计算机、Laptop笔记本电脑等使用的Internet Explorer、Safari、Firefox、Opera、Google Chrome等)的学习;
基于移动智能操作系统(比如iPhone、iTouch、iPad使用的iOS,以及Android、Windows Phone等)的学习;

Learning based on web Browser ( such as Internet Explorer, Safari, Firefox, Opera, Google Chrome used on PC, Laptop)
Learning based on intelligent operating system(such as iOS, Android, Windows Phone used in iPhone, iTouch, iPad)
Learning based on player( such as MP3, video player, and CD/DVD player);
Learning based on one-on-one live tutoring( such as Skype ) etc.

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Updates at ChineseTones on January, 12, 2011

1. Homepage:
   For Android Users:ChineseTones MovieBook Full (full version, completely free!) download.
2. For Mobile: Android-powered device MovieBook Full Launched:
3. Pricing:
4. How It Works:
   Quick Reference Guide:

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Take a quick glimpse of ChineseTones features from one article within 5 mins.

Click here to read the Guide

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Android-powered Device MovieBook Full V1.0 Available Now! Android-powered device MovieBook Full is completely free now.

Android-powered device is the best mobile communication equipment system, which is well-received by consumers as iOS and WindowsPhone. In order to ensure learners use more convenient, we have developed Android-powered device MovieBook Full V1.0. MovieBook Full allows you to enjoy easily most of the learning tools of Online Movie Lessons:

  1. Full lesson lists of three levels of Movie Lessons at
  2. Move, Dialogue MP3, Words & Speak MP3 of each lesson could be downloaded and played.
  3. Dialogue, Words and Speak of each lesson could be reviewed.
  4. Able to Sign In and Sign Up online.

More functions could be found in the upcoming new version.

You can download the APK file below and install it on your Android-powered device, or go to “Market” on your Android-powered device, search “ChineseTones” to download and install it (coming soon).

Below is the screenshots of MovieBook Full:

Read more here:

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世界汉语教学学会 – The International Society for Chinese Language Teaching 深度报道

世界汉语教学学会 – The International Society for Chinese Language Teaching(网址:,成立于1987 年。





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ChineseTones MovieBook Available at iTunes Store



Below are the MovieBook screenshots:

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