中文通)简介中文通)项目,是在7A【任何人(Anyone)在任何地方(Anywhere)、任何时间(Anytime)利用随手可得的学习设备(Any device)以自己的方式( in Anyway)获取自己所需学习信息(Any contents)与学习支持(Any learning support)】泛在学习理念指导下,基于先进科学的对外汉语教学法,以现实生活场景影视对话视频片段为素材、以提高学生视听说汉语普通话交流能力为核心、网络在线自主学习+软件学习+移动学习+教师个别远程辅导4结合模式的全新的对外汉语推广与教学研究交流平台。 program is a brand new teaching and researching platform for teaching Chinese as a foreign language(TCFL) guided by the concept of Seven A, that is, anyone anywhere at any time can use any device accessible to get any contents and any learning support needed in any way, which is based on advanced teaching method of TCFL: based on real-life situational video clips; aiming at improving the ability to listen, speak and communicate in real life communication; combining online lessons, software, mobile learning tools and 1-on-1 live tutoring together.

Diverse learning models available at ChineseTones:

基于网页浏览器(比如PC个人计算机、Laptop笔记本电脑等使用的Internet Explorer、Safari、Firefox、Opera、Google Chrome等)的学习;
基于移动智能操作系统(比如iPhone、iTouch、iPad使用的iOS,以及Android、Windows Phone等)的学习;

Learning based on web Browser ( such as Internet Explorer, Safari, Firefox, Opera, Google Chrome used on PC, Laptop)
Learning based on intelligent operating system(such as iOS, Android, Windows Phone used in iPhone, iTouch, iPad)
Learning based on player( such as MP3, video player, and CD/DVD player);
Learning based on one-on-one live tutoring( such as Skype ) etc.

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